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Big Dik was born on a Delta in a muddy river, surrounded by swamps and Boozecans.  His Momma took one look at him and knew she had to give him his name… “Well I looked down” she said “and there it was… bigger than even his own body at that point… “  “I couldn’t believe it when he reached over and grabbed at the keys of a Hammond organ!”  she says, “I told him “I think you’ll be famous for one of two things...”

- Big Dik wants to thank the fans for coming out and continuing to support him!!


What’s New?? - Big Dik has been

 very busy putting together a new band and is very happy to announce it here his new band -drum roll-  Announcing his new band The Mad Cowz!! Oh my god Big Dik what a band name! And what a band it will be too!  Of course Big Dik got help from his old friend the Legendary Gypsy Fortune Teller for help putting it all together. Please see below for another incredible but true Big Dik Gypsy Fortune Teller story about The Mad Cowz! And how Mad Cowz disease actually ties into the current ongoing Man-Made Mass Extinction crisis! Yikes! - Plus stay tuned for info on the band and their performances.


Unfortunately we also have news of the ongoing Man-Made Current ongoing Anthropogenic Mass Extinction event crisis - Which includes COVID-19, the overfishing, invasive species like the Atlantic salmon farm fish. This includes mass extinctions such as the killer whales and thousands of other species. It’s all tied together like Big Dik has been telling everyone for years now. We have added three tabs to the website called BD Mass Extinction and our new friends at Extinction Rebellion with links to our new friends there. Their hourglass symbol can be seen here. They are among the few people taking this seriously. Also check out the Pearls of Wisdom for more on these ongoing Man-Made catastrophes. Yikes! It’s time to give it all back to the Indians for sure you kids! Check it out on those four tabs. Now continue below:


-More Big Dik Covers

Big Diks fifth and latest solo album. It’s another collection

of cover songs Big Dik recorded with The Rash, Patsy Decline and a band called The Northmen. This album contains all the missing cover songs he could never find recordings of up till now. Songs like Back Door Man, LA Woman, Season Of The Witch, Roadhouse Blues, Substitute and The Pusher etc. These are the best versions of the songs too with killer playing and backup vocals from everyone. 20 songs this album cooks right from the start. Wow!


-Patsy Decline-Darkness You Can Make It

This album is another all original songs by the band. Twenty killer songs that rock and groove. What a band! Songs titled Darkness You Can Make It, Deep Black Hole, Getting So Hard, Give It A Try, Space Jam, The Get Around, She Never Even Tried, Terry’s Death Song, The Big Kahuna Song, See You On The Street etc. Wow what a band, these are all killer original songs that sound great too!


-Triple Valentines Day Live At The Royal

Recorded live at the Royal Hotel on Valentines Day, this album features 28 songs live at the hotel for a happy group of patrons and guests. A great sounding album that was professionally recorded by the hotel. Sounds great and is a well mixed treat to hear. Patsy Decline never disappoints and you can hear it here. The band delivers as usual.


-Triple St Patrick's Day Live at Valhalla

This triple album features 28 songs in total recorded live at Valhalla in 2001.  It’s that version of the band at their best. Having fun and sounding great on St Patrick's Day Live at Valhalla.



-More St Patrick's Day Live at Valhalla

Another cunningly titled Patsy Decline album - The second St Patrick's Day performance Live at Valhalla from 1998, with that version of the band caught at their best.  Technically another Double Album this one contains 19 songs.




-Triple Christmas Live at Valhalla

Patsy Decline delivers again with a great performance and 26 great songs on this triple album. Finishes off with another iconic Santa Claus is back in town. A great feeling as always at Valhalla who always loved the band who loved them right back.


-More Christmas Live at Valhalla

Another cunningly titled album, this one by the earlier version of the band. Probably near the peak of playing for those guys too. This time Patty doesn’t quite know the words to Santa Claus is back in town yet so she repeats Santa Claus is coming  down. Probably clinically depressed herself but very cool anyways, listen for the killer playing

and backups from the band. A classic! Enjoy!


-The Unmarked Grave

A 22 song album of cover songs, this recording is actually guitar player Willy Dawsons tryout for the band. He is a great guitar player and it shows how well he fits in with the rest of the band. The peak with Terry T-Seas-Cowpie playing bass. Great songs like Space Truckin, Sweet Emotion, Breakin The Law, Fairies Wear Boots, Enter Sandman and others. A great recording this is a must have album for true Patsy Decline fans.

-Live At The Queens Complete

This is the iconic album now complete with the entire performance. New songs include Birthday, Fortunate Son, Hand In My Pocket, Gimme Three Steps and more. A great birthday party performance from the band for our friend Doug Disturbafield! 21 great songs. There’s a secret bonus track included too! Black Velvet is actually song #7 on CD#1. A great song and performance these bonus tracks are Patsy Decline’s gift to thee fans so please enjoy!

-Double Live At Valhalla Complete

Another iconic album that is now complete with all the song recorded that day. New songs include Fortunate Son, Make You A /Believer, You Oughta Know, New Years Day, Still Got This Thing, Lager & Ale etc. 30 songs with 1 bonus track! Piece Of My Heart bonus track  is actually song #5 on CD 2! Another gift for the fans this is a killer bonus track recording from the band for you! Please enjoy you will love it!


-The Rash-I Need Speed

A 28 song all originals triple album featuring songs like I Need Speed, Midnight Pain Train, Garbage Man, Human Race, Out Of Control and others. All great songs there are no bad songs on this album, The Rash at the top of their form too. Just before it all ended for the band. An excellent album demonstrating how great this band was on every level.


Big Dik Permanent All Albums Price Drop to $7.00 Cdn!! - While still releasing his 5 solo albums and 23 albums from his old bands, Patsy Decline and The Rash.  Big Dik has announced another Big Dik Price drop!  All albums are now $7.00 Cdn here on the website, from Bandcamp or in Person. What a price, and of course includes the Patsy Decline Double and Triple Albums - This is the new permanent price for all the albums and will not change. 


Big Dik says you know kids I’m sure we’re in the middle of a Great Depression just like back in the thirties, except no-one wants to admit it.  Look at those Depression era low interest rates… Yikes!! Everyone's broke! 


-So Big Dik has dropped the price for all albums to $7 Cdn each no matter who buys them anywhere in the world.  The price is now $7 Cdn. - Let’s recap those albums for you kids... 


For Big Dik BlakThe five Big Dik Albums: More Big Dik Covers, Big Dik Covers, Tales From Wreck Deck, The Truth Is Hard and Live At Valhalla. 

For Patsy Decline - Fifteen albums - Darkness You can Make It, Live At The Queens Complete, Double Live At Valhalla Complete, Triple Valentines Day Live At The Royal, The Unmarked Grave, Triple St Patrick's Day Live at Valhalla, More St Patrick's Day Live at Valhalla, Triple New Years Live at Valhalla, Never Said I Love You, , Double Live At Valhalla, More Live At Valhalla-Complete, More Live at Valhalla and Live at The Queens. 

For The Rash - Eight albums - I Need Speed, The Rash-The Rash, Deceived Me, At The End of The Line, Midnight Pain Train, I Will Not Move, Don’t Hog The Covers and Hold My Covers.


That’s 28 Albums in total since 2014!!  Big Dik Must Be Nuts!! And need a break!!  Yikes…!! What a catalogue Big Dik! Wow!


Too bad BD!!  There’s No Breaks ; ) ... - But all these albums have arrived just in time to take advantage of the Big Dik Solo Albums price drop…  As we said above from now on all albums are $7.00 Cdn each here on Big Dik’s Website!!  Same price when and sold in person and at the, hopefully coming soon, gigs!!  He’s also dropped the price of T-Shirts to $18 Cdn each as well..  Big Dik Must be Nuts!!


Oh my god you kids!!  Can this be true??  Stay tuned!!  Ho Ho Ho!!


Remember kids older big news for Patsy

Decline fans, a long lost video of Patsy

Decline Live at Valhalla!! - Big Dik found a long lost video of Patsy Decline Live at Valhalla from back in the  day.  It is from 1997 just days before Mickey G left/was fired from the band to join The Handsome Devils.  It shows Patsy

Decline at their best with those band members in full flight.  Big Dik cleaned it up and has released it on his Demon Prawn Productions YouTube Channel.  There is a link to it on the BD Links page. 

BD thought the video might be from the same performance he used for the Patsy Decline More Live at Valhalla album.  Turns out BD was right it is the same performance from the Mickey G Video.  BD re-released the Patsy Decline More Live at Valhalla album as a Double album worth all 26 songs from that performance.  Check it out it is an unbelievable performance at Valhalla, with that version of Pasty Decline at their best.



Record Stores - Big Dik just signed a Physical

Distribution deal with CD Baby.  They are distributing

hardcopies to Canadian and Worldwide record stores

and now Amazon etc. too.  So any or all of the 28 albums

 can be bought or ordered at any Record Store in Canada

or Worldwide.  Big Dik says “Get the UPC’s for each album

from below.  Then you kids go to the Record Store and buy

‘em all there if you  can!”.  Big Dik wants to thank CD Baby

and all the record stores worldwide

for all their great help in getting all that music out there. 

Thanks CD Baby...  You Rock!!


Here they are at Sunrise Records!!

At their new Metrotown store in Burnaby, BC, Canada!! 

Big Dik wants to thank Sunrise Records, Ty, Lucas and the staff!!

College Radio Shout Outs!! - Big Dik wants to shout out all his college radio broadcaster friends and fans from around the world!!  Welcome and thanks for the support!

In Canada - Big Dik wants to thank Steve Marlow and crew at CFBX “The X” - 92.5 FM in Kamloops, BC, from Thompson Rivers University . Also Shauna Kosoris and crew at CILU - 102.7 FM from Lakehead University in Thunder Bay Ontario!  Thanks for the plays you Guys!!

In Germany - BD would like to thank  Paulina Sonntag and crew at Radioaktiv Campus Radio from the Universities of Mannheim - 89.6 FM and Heidelberg - 105.4 FM

Danke Paulina and crew!!

In Italy - BD would like to thank Andrea Diani

 and crew at FAN Online Radio from the University

 of Verona, Italy!  Mille Grazie for the plays you guys!!

- Here’s an I Luv Big Dik T Shirt at the Online Radio Station

 - FAN.  They are currently playing Big Dik’s albums on the University’s

Radio Station and Luv Big Dik!!


Quite Great PR - As we said previously Big Dik has been busy with a terrific Publicist in England, Quite Great PR, who is helping BD get a lot of reviews.  On this website BD has added a new Big Dik’s Reviews page where he’s included lot’s of reviews, and you’ll see he’s made many new friends! Big Dik wants to thank and luvs Pete, Daz and the entire team at Quite Great! You guys are the best!!


YouTube and Streaming - Big Dik got a YouTube channel where you can preview all of his 28 albums, and is now on Soundcloud, Bandcamp and CD Baby.  All 28 albums can also be heard streaming on Spotify, iTunes/Apple, Amazon, UMA, Deezer, Saavn, Tidal, Yonder, Facebook, Reliance JIO, Taihe Music, Napster, 24/7 Entertainment, Tidal, Joox, Xbox, Google Play, YouTube etc. in over 104 Countries worldwide! Stay tuned for the links to all that. 


Inspiring Big Dik Gypsy Fortune Teller Story-The Mad Cowz Nov 2, 2020

Big Dik went to see the Gypsy Fortune Teller again.  Some time had passed since his last visit.  He spotted her in her tent staring into a crystal ball.

“Hello” said Big Dik “How are you?” “Aha” said the Gypsy Fortune Teller.  I have been very well and you?”  “Not bad” said Big Dik “I” “Stop!”  cried the Gypsy “I know why you’re here..”  “Really?” asked Big Dik “Of course” said the Gypsy “Sit down.”  Big Dik sat down opposite her.

“You are looking for two things, Correct?”  asked the Gypsy.  “Yes I’m…” said Big Dik. “Looking for band members for a new band you want to form and a band name for the band..” finished the Gypsy fortune teller.  Big Dik stared at her “How did you know?” stammered Big Dik.  “Listen I know everything remember?” Said the Gypsy.  “I was hoping that had changed..” said Big Dik looking away.  “No I know everything Big Dik everything, you know but in a good way.”  She said.

Big Dik felt better “That’s great” he said “You know I appreciate the help.”  “I know” said the Gypsy “You are a good boy Big Dik..”  Big Dik smiled.  “Thank you” he said.  I’m looking forward to your help, you were so helpful last time.  “Yes” said the Gypsy “That’s why I’m here”.  She held up one hand and stared into her crystal ball “Wait” she said, the orb glowing darkly “Here it comes…”

Big Dik leaned forward the air around them seemingly becoming electric.  “Yes” said the Gypsy “The answer from beyond..”  Big Dik sat patiently.  “Yes” said the Gypsy Fortune Teller “Yes…  For players for your next band you must… must…  “Yes?” Asked Big Dik “Go to a mountain top?  Get them from my old bands?  Are they about to appear in front of me?”  “No!” cried the Gypsy “You must…”  Big Dik leaned forward “You must…. Advertise on Craigslist!!  Cried the Gypsy “Then they will come to you!”

“Are you sure? Asked Big Dik “Could it be that simple?”  “Of course!” said the Gypsy Fortune Teller “When you do that they will come!”  Big Dik stared at her “But Craigslist is so..”  “What?  Said the Gypsy “Useful?  “Well..” stammered Big Dik “It is pretty good I guess..”  “Oh yes” said the Gypsy “Remember when I said I never pay retail for anything? “Yes I remember” said Big Dik “that’s a big part of how I don’t… Craigslist is full of bargoons of many kinds” she declared “You will find your band members there..”

“Ok!  Said Big Dik I will do it.  I will start advertising on Craigslist right away.”  “Good” said the Gypsy “You’ll see..” “Ok” said Big Dik “Now what about a band name?”  The Gypsy Fortune Teller held up one hand and pointed back at her crystal ball that was now glowing and vibrating.  “There is the answer Big Dik..  Deep inside the glowing orb” “Yes” she said “Yes..”  “It is coming to me..”  She seemed to swell in size as the crystal ball became blacker and blacker… “Yes! She cried “The answer is…  The answer is… “ “Yes?” asked Big Dik “Yes!”  “The answer is The Mad Cowz! “ cried the Gypsy.  “Are you sure? Asked Big Dik “Of course!” declared the Gypsy “The Mad Cowz with a Z!  That’s it..  The answer from beyond!!” cried the Gypsy.

“Wow!” said Big Dik “You are great and what a name. The Mad Cowz is so good!! “Yes thank you” said the Gypsy Fortune Teller “You know with band names it’s so important to misspell something..”  Big Dik nodded in agreement “You know that’s what I do.. “ he said.  “Yes” said the Gypsy “I noticed..”  “Are you sure no one else has that name The Mad Cowz?” asked Big Dik.  “Positive” said the Gypsy “If anyone says anything you send them to me..  I will straighten them out.” 

“Plus it ties into the ongoing Man-Made Anthropogenic sixth Mass Extinction. Mad Cowz disease is all part of that too” declared the Gypsy. “It’s all part of the same nightmares caused by Hyper-Greed and certain Homo Sapiens which are Humans” said the Gypsy. Big Dik nodded in agreement “Yes I know” he said. ‘We need to tell people about that so The Mad Cowz is a perfect tie in. “You know some European settler type human-Homo Sapiens have forgotten they are actually a species, which is very bad” said the Gypsy. “They have lost their minds” she said “and you know God is just now starting and is going to kick their ass for the rest of their lifetimes for being so stupid!” She declared. “You’re right!” said Big Dik “I have been talking about this since before 2015”.

“I can’t believe they’re that stupid” said The Gypsy “but you know they’re in Ivory Towers of some kind and are all very stupid. You know” confided the Gypsy “Those guys drink too much every day…” She proclaimed “That’s why they’re so stupid and reckless. They are hammered all the time!” “I can believe that” said Big Dik. “Like I said God is starting to kick their asses right now and will kick their asses for the 10,000 lifetimes and then send them to Hell for being so stupid” She said. “I believe that” said Big Dik. “That’s what The Mad Cowz is a perfect name for you on that level too. “ She declared “It will remind everyone about the ongoing Man-Made extinction crisis that Mad Cowz disease is a part of too“ she said “So it’s a perfect name for you and your band Big Dik! You must remind people every day about this.”

“I want everyone including you to join Extinction Rebellion too!” She said. “How do you know about Extinction Rebellion? “I remember and know everything” she said “They are among the few people taking this seriously so far. We need everyone to join them. You can see I have the Extinction Rebellion logo in my tent” she said pointing behind her. Big Dik saw the symbol there. “I’m doing all I can to help!” She said “You do everything you can too ok Big Dik?” Big Dik Nodded “Ok” “You are a good boy. Now go get busy with the new band The Mad Cowz and spreading the word about this Man Made Extinction crisis that is so deadly. You will be a big success on every level... I promise! “She declared.

“Thank you” said Big Dik handing the Gypsy 100 dollars “You are always so great!”  Big Dik gave her another fifty dollars as a tip.  “You’re welcome “ said the Gypsy pocketing the cash.  “You are a good boy Big Dik. Now go form your new band The Mad Cowz, spread the word about the Man-Made extinction crisis, everyone join Extinction Rebellion and please stay in touch” said the Gypsy “You will be a big success with everything…”  Big Dik stumbled off..



PSA - Public Service Announcement - Because Big Dik missed the 60’s... long story... He wants to bring back two things, Free Love… and World Peace… Of course Big Dik doesn’t want anyone to get pregnant or catch anything, so always play safe kids!!!


Remember don’t be a war addict or support war addicts ever you kids. It’s time to ban all guns and wars forever from now on, no matter what. Guns are playing a huge role in this Man-Made Mass Extinction so we need to give them up ASAP. Let make sure we do that you kids. Never go to any war or use guns ever again! I promise never to and I want you all to promise Big Dik you won’t ever too ok? Thanks kids!! Luv, Big Dik..


Big Dik knows Free Love will lead to World Peace...  There can be no wars or violence if everyone’s making out!!  Peace and free love always beats violence kids!!

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Album UPC’s + Catalogue Numbers

Title:                                               UPC             DPP Cat#


BD-Live At Valhalla                                    829982-158048    DPP-0007

BD-The Truth Is Hard                                 829982-172464     DPP-0008

BD-Tales From Wreck Deck                    829982-175113     DPP-0009

BD-Big Dik Covers                                    8299982-204783   DPP-0021

BD-More Big Dik Covers                          829982-215420     DPP-0028

PD-Live At The Queens                              829982-177476     DPP-0011

PD-Double Live At Valhalla                         829982-180643     DPP-0012

PD-More Live At Valhalla                            829982-186898     DPP-0019

PD-Never Said I Love You                           829982-202024     DPP-0020

PD-Triple New Years Live at Valhalla          829982-205476    DPP-0022

PD-Triple St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla   829982-213822   DPP-0023

PD-More St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla    829982-213839   DPP-0024

PD-Triple Christmas Live At Valhalla           829982-213808   DPP-0025

PD-More Christmas Live At Valhalla           829982-213815     DPP-0026

PD-More Live At Valhalla Complete             829982-203205     DPP-0019

PD-Double Live At Valhalla Complete           829982-215390    DPP-0033

PD-Live At The Queens Complete                 829982-215406   DPP-0030

PD-The Unmarked Grave                               829982-215383     DPP-0031

PD-Triple Valentines Day Live At The Royal   829982-215369  DPP-0032

PD-Darkness You Can Make It             829982-215376    DPP-0034

TR-The Rash                                            829982-175779     DPP-0010

TR-At The End of The Line                     829982-182869     DPP-0013

TR-Deceived Me                                       829982-182876     DPP-0014

TR-I Will Not Move                           829982-184764     DPP-0015

TR-Midnight Pain Train                     829982-184757     DPP-0016

TR-Don’t Hog The Covers          829982-185860     DPP-0017

TR-Hold My Covers                     829982-185877     DPP-0018

TR-I Need Speed                                    829982-215413     DPP-0027


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Oval Callout: Is That Uranus??

This site is dedicated to all the musicians Big Dik has jammed with over the years and is still jamming with today...  Thanks for giving her till well into the next day you guys!!


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