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The “I Luv Big Dik!!”

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Coming Soon!!

BD Mail Order Special!!

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Big Dik Posters!!

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Text Box: $7 Cdn!!

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Album UPC’s + Catalogue Numbers

Title:                                                          UPC        DP Cat#


Big Dik Blak-Live At Valhalla                        829982-158048    DPP-0007

Big Dik Blak-The Truth Is Hard                     829982-172464     DPP-0008

Big Dik Blak-Tales From Wreck Deck         829982-175113     DPP-0009

Big Dik Blak-Big Dik Covers                         8299982-204783   DPP-0021

Patsy Decline-Live At The Queens              829982-177476     DPP-0011

Patsy Decline-Double Live At Valhalla        829982-180643     DPP-0012

Patsy Decline-More Live At Valhalla            829982-203205     DPP-0019

Patsy Decline-Never Said I Love You         829982-202024     DPP-0020

PD-Triple New Years Live at Valhalla          829982-205476    DPP-0022

PD-Triple St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla - UPC is Coming   DPP-0023

PD-More St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla - UPC is Coming    DPP-0024

The Rash-The Rash                                        829982-175779     DPP-0010

The Rash-At The End of The Line                 829982-182869     DPP-0013

The Rash-Deceived Me                                   829982-182876     DPP-0014

The Rash-I Will Not Move                               829982-184764     DPP-0015  

The Rash-Midnight Pain Train                       829982-184757     DPP-0016

The Rash-Don’t Hog The Covers                   829982-185860     DPP-0017   

The Rash-Hold My Covers                              829982-185877     DPP-0018

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18 CD’s $126 + $9 = $135


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Patsy Decline Rocks T-Shirts

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All CD’s are now 1 CD for $9 Cdn including shipping and applicable taxes!! - Get all 18 for $135!  see below...


-1 CD $7 + $2 = $9 ea-

2 CD’s $14 + $4 = $18

3 CD’s $21 + $6 = $27

-18 CD’s $126 + $9 = $135-


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- If your in the USA or somewhere else in the world: - Click Here to Send an Email to Big Dik telling him about your order or email to tell him what your order is and that it’s coming.  Internationally please use PayPal for all purchases.



Send $7.00+2.00 Cdn Dollars via PayPal per album, Big Dik will give you guys the 2 albums for $18 deal or the 3 albums for $27 deal as well.  Or get all 18 albums for $135 Cdn Dollars!  Add $20 Cdn Dollars for each T-Shirt.  Big Dik and his minions will mail you your albums and swag right away. Shipping worldwide is now included!!  It’s the mail order version of Big Dik’s “666” Number of the Beast Worldwide Shipping Special... Get it?  $26.66 Cdn = Roughly $20 USD etc...   Oh My Godddd!!  Big Dik must be nuts!!!  It’s a Mad Beast of a Deal!!!  Remember to specify which albums or T-Shirt you want, what size - Large or Xtra Large, quantities, your name and your mailing address… 


Please Remember this is a Canadian Dollars only special for Canadians and All People Worldwide:


Note: Big Dik only accepts cash in person at his gigs and does not accept personal cheques of any kind.  He now accepts all major credit cards worldwide through PayPal and accepts Canadian Interac Money E-Transfers in Canadian Dollars only.


Either way the albums or the T-Shirts are the same price as a few smokes or half a litre of gas… but are way better for you and the planet!!


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- Coming 2020 - Big Dik’s Fifth Solo Album - Welcome To Turtle Island -

Patsy Decline Triple St Patricks Day Live at Valhalla

Patsy Decline More St Patricks Day Live at Valhalla

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Live At Valhalla



Big Dik Covers

Tales From Wreck Deck

The Truth

Is Hard


At Valhalla


St Patricks Day

Double Live

At Valhalla

More St

Patricks Day


 New Years

Never Said

I Love You

Live At The Queens

The Rash

Deceived Me

I Will Not Move


Pain Train


 My Covers

At The End

Of The Line

Don’t Hog

The Covers

More Live

At Valhalla