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Album UPC’s + Catalogue Numbers

Title:                                               UPC             DPP Cat#


BD-Live At Valhalla                                    829982-158048    DPP-0007

BD-The Truth Is Hard                                 829982-172464     DPP-0008

BD-Tales From Wreck Deck                    829982-175113     DPP-0009

BD-Big Dik Covers                                    8299982-204783   DPP-0021

BD-More Big Dik Covers                          829982-215420     DPP-0028

PD-Live At The Queens                              829982-177476     DPP-0011

PD-Double Live At Valhalla                         829982-180643     DPP-0012

PD-More Live At Valhalla                            829982-186898     DPP-0019

PD-Never Said I Love You                           829982-202024     DPP-0020

PD-Triple New Years Live at Valhalla          829982-205476    DPP-0022

PD-Triple St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla   829982-213822   DPP-0023

PD-More St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla    829982-213839   DPP-0024

PD-Triple Christmas Live At Valhalla           829982-213808   DPP-0025

PD-More Christmas Live At Valhalla           829982-213815     DPP-0026

PD-More Live At Valhalla Complete             829982-203205     DPP-0019

PD-Double Live At Valhalla Complete           829982-215390    DPP-0033

PD-Live At The Queens Complete                 829982-215406   DPP-0030

PD-The Unmarked Grave                               829982-215383     DPP-0031

PD-Triple Valentines Day Live At The Royal   829982-215369  DPP-0032

PD-Darkness You Can Make It             829982-215376    DPP-0034

TR-The Rash                                            829982-175779     DPP-0010

TR-At The End of The Line                     829982-182869     DPP-0013

TR-Deceived Me                                       829982-182876     DPP-0014

TR-I Will Not Move                                  829982-184764     DPP-0015

TR-Midnight Pain Train                          829982-184757     DPP-0016

TR-Don’t Hog The Covers                      829982-185860     DPP-0017

TR-Hold My Covers                                829982-185877     DPP-0018

TR-I Need Speed                                    829982-215413     DPP-0027


Batrachochytrium salamandrivorans is a similar infection currently threatening salamanders. Amphibians are now the most endangered vertebrate group, having existed for more than 300 million years through three other mass extinctions. –Aha! Lived through three other mass extinctions till now wiped out in this human driven extinction. That’s as bad as it gets. Yikes! BD-

Millions of bats in the US have been dying off since 2012 due to a fungal infection known as white-nose syndrome that spread from European bats, who appear to be immune. Population drops have been as great as 90% within five years, and extinction of at least one bat species is predicted. There is currently no form of treatment, and such declines have been described as "unprecedented" in bat evolutionary history by Alan Hicks of the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.[233]

Between 2007 and 2013, over ten million beehives were abandoned due to colony collapse disorder, which causes worker bees to abandon the queen. -Aha There’s definitely less honey these days. Yikes! BD-  Though no single cause has gained widespread acceptance by the scientific community, proposals include infections with Varroa and Acarapis mites; malnutrition; various pathogens; genetic factors; immunodeficiencies; loss of habitat; changing beekeeping practices; or a combination of factors.[235][236]


Further information: Nature conservation and Climate change mitigation

 Climate March 2017 121px-Extinction_Symbol-Extinction symbol


Some leading scientists have advocated for the global community to designate as protected areas 30 percent of the planet by 2030, and 50 percent by 2050, in order to mitigate the contemporary extinction crisis as the human population is projected to grow to 10 billion by the middle of the century. Human consumption of food and water resources is also projected to double by this time.[237]


In November 2018, the UN's biodiversity chief Cristiana Pașca Palmer urged people around the world to put pressure on governments to implement significant protections for wildlife by 2020, as rampant biodiversity loss is a "silent killer" as dangerous as global warming, but has received little attention by comparison.

She says that "It’s different from climate change, where people feel the impact in everyday life. With biodiversity, it is not so clear but by the time you feel what is happening, it may be too late."[238] In January 2020, the UN Convention on Biological Diversity drafted a Paris-style plan to stop biodiversity and ecosystem collapse by setting a deadline of 2030 to protect 30% of the earth's land and oceans and reduce pollution by 50%, with the goal of allowing for the restoration of ecosystems by 2050.

The world failed to meet similar targets for 2020 set by the convention during a summit in Japan in 2010.[239][240] Of the 20 biodiversity targets proposed, only six were "partially achieved" by the deadline.[241] It was called a global failure by Inger Andersen, head of the United Nations Environment Programme: -Aha-Yikes! BD-

"From COVID-19 to massive wildfires, floods, melting glaciers and unprecedented heat, our failure to meet the Aichi (biodiversity) targets — protect our home — has very real consequences. We can no longer afford to cast nature to the side."[242]

Some scientists have proposed keeping extinctions below 20 per year for the next century as a global target to reduce species loss, which is the biodiversity equivalent of the 2 °C climate target, although it is still much higher than the normal background rate of two per year prior to anthropogenic impacts on the natural world.[243][244]

An October 2020 report on the "era of pandemics" from IPBES found that many of the same human activities that contribute to biodiversity loss and climate change, including deforestation and the wildlife trade, have also increased the risk of future pandemics. The report offers several policy options to reduce such risk, such as taxing meat production and consumption, cracking down on the illegal wildlife trade, removing high disease-risk species from the legal wildlife trade, and eliminating subsidies to businesses which are harmful to the environment.[245][246][247]

According to marine zoologist John Spicer, "the COVID-19 crisis is not just another crisis alongside the biodiversity crisis and the climate change crisis. Make no mistake, this is one big crisis – the greatest that humans have ever faced."[245] –Aha makes sense. Yikes! BD-

According to a 2021 paper published in Frontiers in Conservation Science, humanity almost certainly faces a "ghastly future" of declining health, biodiversity collapse, climate change-driven social upheaval, displacement and resource conflict, and resource exhaustion, unless major efforts to change human industry and activity are rapidly undertaken.[248][67]


Wow that’s as bad as it gets you kids, a very grim reality. We can see how things like the farm fish and COVID-19 are indeed part of the same nightmare Mass extinction crisis.

I think the only thing we can really take away from this is that there are huge groups of Humans-Homo Sapiens, the Indians in North and South America for instance who learned how to live with nature and encourage and coexist with every other species. They did this for thousands of years successfully and so should be commended and copied.

Unfortunately the European settlers never did this and have brought everyone including themselves to their own extinction along with thousands of innocent other species. They unfortunately mistakenly think they are God. This is both tragic and criminal but it’s not too late.

The Indians proved Humans-Homo Sapiens can live with every other species without exterminating them and causing their extinction. So there’s hope for the Humans-Homo Sapiens yet but not the greedy destroyers of everything European settler type Humans-Homo Sapiens.

The Big Dik lesson here is don’t cast your lot with those guys but with the Indians who proved it time and again. They shared everything with each other and all other creatures. They believe/know that everything is sacred and needs to be celebrated and shared, not stripped, killed and destroyed. They never caused mass extinctions of their own making they prevented them all the time. Unfortunately the never ending greed of the European settlers/colonizers has got us to this point.

There’s still time to give it all back to the Indians and all the other creatures but we obviously have to act now. Like I said on the other page God will take care of those who cause destruction like a mass extinction that is greater than any Extinction before it. God is going to kick those guys’ asses so bad they are basically fucked forever. He is starting to kick their asses now and they are going to be so badly beaten by God they will spend their next 10,000 lifetimes being beaten by God every day. They know this and that’s why they don’t want anyone to know.

But we know you know don’t piss off God because he is definitely one of those old school guys who you kids never want to feel his vengeance ever. He’s not going to send them to hell first he is just going to kick the shit out of those guys for the next million years or so, then send them to Hell forever when he’s done. Too bad they chose to be such stupid cunts but there you go.

They shouldn’t have thought they were God which as everyone knows is one of the things God really hates. They should have studied the Indians, who wisely respect God, but no they chose to be greedy and stupid and violent. Don’t ever be like those guys you kids and let’s clean this all before it’s too late and God kicks our ass too if we don’t stop fucking around. Let’s make sure we do that and treat the earth like the Indians did from now on ok? This is the most important thing ever ok you kids?






Thanks You Guys,

Luv Big Dik



Mass Extinction

BD’s Man-Made Current

Crisis-Cont’d 2


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