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- Join - Watershed Watch Salmon Society and get on their Weekly Newsletter email list


Email The Canadian Fisheries Minister Link


Send a note to Canadian Fisheries Minister LeBlanc and ask him to show strong leadership in protecting Wild Pacific Salmon!


Here are some things you may want to say:


    Tell him how important wild salmon are to you (and your family).

    BC’s wild salmon runs must be managed in the public interest, and not for special Commercial Fishing interests.

    Keeping Prime Minister Trudeau’s promise to “set a higher bar for openness and transparency” will require strong leadership to bring DFO into line.

    Please keep your government’s promises to implement the $37 million Cohen Inquiry (on restoring Fraser River sockeye salmon) and restore habitat provisions of the Fisheries Act.

    We expect ALL of the recommendations to be implemented. A “partial completion” of some of the recommendations is not good enough.

    Provide better oversight of wild salmon fisheries by meeting Canadian and international standards for at-sea observers.

    Ensure that DFO managers start giving as much consideration to conservation interests, First Nations, and the BC public as they do to the fishing industry.

BD Adds - Will he ban the Commercial Seine and Gillnet Fisheries?


- Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform (CAAR) - The Coastal Alliance for Aquaculture Reform is a coalition of four leading environmental organizations working to transition the open net-cage salmon farming industry to more sustainable production methods - Gd One - - Join The Carr Mailing List


CAAR and our East Coast allies, Atlantic Coalition for Aquaculture Reform (ACAR) ask the questions:

    Will the Canadian federal government implement Justice Cohen’s recommendations and if so, when?

    Will they place a moratorium on new farms and halt the expansion of existing net-pen operations?

    Will they relieve DFO of the political mandate to promote aquaculture and market farmed salmon and instruct the department to focus on their primary mandate to protect wild stocks?

    Will this government take action to support and facilitate the development of closed containment salmon farming in Canada?

    Will the Canadian federal government do anything, anything at all, to ensure wild salmon and all marine life still exist for our children’s children?

BD Adds - Will they permanently ban Commercial Seine and Gillnets Fisheries?


- Friends of Wild Salmon - Gd One Too - Stopped Fish Farm at the Mouth of the Skeena River originally! - Subscribe to E-News


- Georgia Strait Alliance (GSA) - Join These Guys Too, Monthly Newsletter.  They’re trying to protect the Salish Sea from all kinds of threats.


- Friends of Clayoquot Sound (FOCS) - Gd One Sign Up!  Problems W/ Fish Farms there too...


- Living Oceans Society (LOS) - Gd Ones Too - Concerned about Fish Farms and Disappearing Wild Pacific Salmon Stocks. Subscribe!


- Oceana - Ted Danson’s Site for Sustainable Fishing w/o Overfishing - Here’s links to the Canadian Site - Sign Up 4 the Newsletter - Ted is the man, taking this fight worldwide!


- Steelhead Society of BC - No Newsletter but Very Concerned about Low Steelhead Numbers. These Iconic Fish are Facing Extinction - Join Up!


- Trout Unlimited Canada - Gd One Restoring Rivers and Habitat - Join mailing list and Get out there helping - Sign Up @


- Western Canada Wilderness Committee - Gd One Sign Up by Clicking on E Alerts Sign-Up Tab on Right


- The Wild Salmon Defenders Alliance (WSDA) - Quote: ”Is composed of diverse concerned people, scientists, artists, groups and organizations dedicated to the protection of wild salmon.  First as part of food security, then as an essential climate regulator, a keystone species that supports biodiversity, and as a valuable contributor to the cultural, spiritual, physical, and economic well-being of British Columbians.  BD Says “Good One… Sign Up!!” 


- World Wildlife Fund Canada - Gd One - Sign Up for Newsletter to See If You Can Help - Concerned about accelerating species extinction in Canada.


- Okanagan Sockeye Skaha Project - Gd One - First Nations trying to bring back sockeye to the Okanagan River. Part of Columbia River so near Extinct.  Sign Up and Support!!


- Union of BC Indian Chiefs - Gd One Too  Sign Up! They're fighting Fish farms! Grand Chief Stewart Philip is very concerned about the Collapse of Wild Pacific Salmon stocks.




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- FAN - Fuori Aula Network - Online Radio Station from The University of Verona in Verona, Italy!  Hit Play Button To Listen. From the University of Verona. They Rock, and they're playing and Luv Big Dik!! -


- CFBX 92.5 FM Kamloops BC, Canada - The X – Campus & Community Radio serving Kamloops, BC, Canada - Listen Online Too, they are also playing and Luving Big Dik!! -


 - CILU 102.7 FM - The Lakehead University Radio Station from Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  Listen Online Too... They Play and Luv Big Dik too!! -


 - Radioaktiv - Campus Radio, University of Heidelberg in Germany. Two Campuses, Mannheim 89.6 FM and Heidelberg 105.4 FM. Listen Online Live to Either... They both Play and Luv Big Dik!! -





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Long lost Patsy Decline Live at Valhalla video



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Demon Prawn Productions

Album UPC’s + Catalogue Numbers

Title:                                                          UPC        DP Cat#


Big Dik Blak-Live At Valhalla                        829982-158048    DPP-0007

Big Dik Blak-The Truth Is Hard                     829982-172464     DPP-0008

Big Dik Blak-Tales From Wreck Deck         829982-175113     DPP-0009

Big Dik Blak-Big Dik Covers                         8299982-204783   DPP-0021

Patsy Decline-Live At The Queens              829982-177476     DPP-0011

Patsy Decline-Double Live At Valhalla        829982-180643     DPP-0012

Patsy Decline-More Live At Valhalla            829982-203205     DPP-0019

Patsy Decline-Never Said I Love You         829982-202024     DPP-0020

PD-Triple New Years Live at Valhalla          829982-205476    DPP-0022

PD-Triple St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla - UPC is Coming   DPP-0023

PD-More St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla - UPC is Coming    DPP-0024

The Rash-The Rash                                        829982-175779     DPP-0010

The Rash-At The End of The Line                 829982-182869     DPP-0013

The Rash-Deceived Me                                   829982-182876     DPP-0014

The Rash-I Will Not Move                               829982-184764     DPP-0015  

The Rash-Midnight Pain Train                       829982-184757     DPP-0016

The Rash-Don’t Hog The Covers                   829982-185860     DPP-0017   

The Rash-Hold My Covers                              829982-185877     DPP-0018

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