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Sonic News Blog Website - April 4-2018 -


George of the Rumble!



- Where to begin? George Swan is an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a sausage made from alligators. While he upbringing in the swampy parts of Canada are shrouded in alarming lies and even more alarming truths, what is certain is that his musical output is prolific – to date, 13 albums – three of his own and another ten between his old bands Rash and Patsy Decline.


As a gimmick, calling yourself Big Dik Blak is not without its problems. Potentially a trigger to many, even on a good day it does rather give the impression that the artist themselves is going to be…well, not a white rocker with a track about eating jellyfish. In fact, its little more than the kind of trick Sub Pop played when they were promoting Tad in the late 80s, presenting him as a barely literate lumberjack with a chainsaw to deal with any naysayers. George (or Big, if you prefer) is a similarly styled character, a living, breathing cartoon although sometimes even less plausible.


There is a whole world of George to discover on his website – mere descriptions would do it an injustice. Here’s George’s Soundcloud for you to dip into – everything from Deep Purple-esque keyboard tidal waves to quirky…Big Blak Dikness. There’s nothing quite like him. Dive in.




The Reprobate Magazine - Website Blog - March 31, 2018


The Unique Sounds Of Big Dik Blak



It’s been a while since we last brought you a glorious outsider musical artist, so let’s correct that right now, as we present for your pleasure Canada’s very own George Swan, who performs under the possibly problematic name of Big Dik Blak.  Before we go any further – and just to help you picture things properly – here is a photo of George (See above).


Having previously been involved with bands The Rash and Patsy Decline (actually, that is a great name), George adopted his new nom-de-plume for reasons best known to himself, and created a new persona to go along with it. Apparently, it isn’t designed to be offensive – though in the current climate, it’s hard to see radio stations and media outlets lining up to promote someone with such a moniker – but is meant to reflect the fact that Big Dik Blak is too dumb to even spell his own name properly. Or something like that.


Nothing if not prolific, Dig Dik Blak has no less than three new albums under his belt (though his entire back catalogue is no less that thirteen albums), all of which seem to have been recorded around the same time. One of them is a live album. All have virtually the same cover art, which resembles a teenage girl’s Myspace page from 1999.


Musically, he’s as eccentric as you’d hope. How do we describe this? Swampy blues rock, I guess, though that is a both a simplification and a wildly ambitious summary of the delights on offer. The press release mentions Deep Purple, and for once, it’s not an entirely facetious claim, as the heavy keyboard and bass combo do bring that band to mind as Satellite Gurl opens. But this retro-flavoured heavy rock is a somewhat misleading intro, as the music becomes considerably more eccentric once Big Dik’s vocals kick in. The icing on the cake – or the fly in the ointment, if you prefer, we might call his voice ‘rugged’ if we were being indulgent, or ‘somewhat all over the place’ if we weren’t. His – ahem – ‘masterpiece’ might be the title track from The Truth is Hard, in which a minimalist piano and fuzztone backing track battles manfully, but ultimately hopelessly, against Big Dik’s excitedly bellowed but only accidentally in tune vocals. The experience is not unlike the point at a karaoke night where a performer hopes that enthusiasm will mask a lack of singing ability. I might be mistaken, but I imagine that this would be a genuinely magnificent experience in live performance.


Obviously, we are very fond of Big Dik Blak, and thoroughly commend his gloriously unique recordings. You can also get an ‘I luv Big Dik’ T-shirt from his website (itself a sight to behold), and who wouldn’t want one of those?




Hear Me Raw - King of the music blog jungle.


Big Dik Blak Confounds Expectations!

Posted on April 24, 2018 by hearmeraw -

The legend of Big Dik Blak is not quite in the league of Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and the Bermuda Triangle, but we’re not far off. Hailing from the wilds of Canada and a discography big enough to rival the tons of fish he used to pack in the now deserted fishing docks. Perhaps it’s this strange isolation which has imparted such an engagingly weird world that Big Dik Blak has created. You’ll be relieved to know Mr Blak was not Christened thus.


Born George Swan, Big Dik Blak is the moniker he has assumed for his post-band work (he was previously in The Rash and Patsy Decline) which is essentially an ever-evolving solo project. Though his name may suggest a contemporary urban sound, it’s actually the rather lumberjack/redneck persona he’s attempting to project, his website an anarchic avalanche of information both truthful and ridiculous – in which ratio, it’s tricky to tell. If you recall the way Sub Pop marketed Tad Doyle from TAD, as a dim-witted, primal beast from the forest (at complete odds with his intelligent, musically gifted self), you’ll be getting to where George is.


…and so, to the music itself. A Jon Lord-esque Hammond organ attempting to squeeze itself though the narrow passageways carved by buzz-chain guitars is a common theme, as are George’s gleefully unhinged lyrics about everything from lost loves to meals of jellyfish. Occasionally, songs stretch themselves out to emerge as sprawling blues-rock instrumentals that are like grounded versions of Hawkwind. It’s decidedly odd but the sheer volume of it makes it well worth dipping in and out of.



Booze and Reviews Blog – April 5-2018


Drink Ya Later, Alligator – Strange Things are Going Down in Canada…

Posted on April 5, 2018 by boozeandreviewsblog



Big Dik Blak is very much the kind of band name you might find yourself mentioning in a pub-based conversation after a few cold drinks. It’s not necessarily the kind of act you’d want your grandma introducing on stage but then, we’d have to question that whole stage operation to be honest.


George Swan, BDB’s sole member, has been making music since anyone can remember, including himself. His press releases suggests he was born in a swamp and raised by alligators, information you might ordinarily find outlandish but in this case, almost doesn’t seem weird enough. Having survived the wreckage of the bands The Rash and Patsy Decline, BDB has gone solo, showcasing his skills as a bassist and portentous 70s organ (ironically) player. There’s so much to dig into, it’s difficult to know where to start in terms of recommendations. We’d suggest making a few of these, passing out, waking up terrified and starting the whole process all over again.



Snackatrack - Big Dik Blak- “Tales From Wreck Deck” Review

May 11, 2018snackatrack Leave a comment

When aliens survey the monuments of human culture, one monolith should tower above the rest: “Tales From Wreck Deck” by Big Dik Blak. This opus from “Canada’s Prolific Rock Legend”, as he is rightfully heralded in his press release, after only brief listening indeed begins to challenge the human brain’s ability to process recorded sound. Frankly, we should all appreciate that Big Dik Blak exists, and that he has gifted us what is perhaps the most comprehensively baffling album in recorded history. This is an album so utterly illogical that it is difficult to fully comprehend. An album in which seemingly every possible decision made at every possible stage was nonsensical. An album against which a conventional ratings system, and indeed life itself, becomes meaningless.

“Satellite Gurl”, the album’s opener, adroitly sets the tone. Against a meat-and-potatoes rock backing, Big Dik Black blesses us with the slurred, bellowed cadences of a tramp toppling into a shallow stream, each verse of which is followed by an indeterminate, under-mixed organ solo. With dogged, almost heroic insistence, Big Dik Blak assures us that some presumably embarrassed woman is his satellite gurl for 7 minutes and 59 seconds, all of which is felt by the listener. “One more time!” he yells, at which point the song abruptly ends. This is uncanny-valley rock, in which the clichés are mirrored with such superficial similarity yet subtle wrongness that the overall impression is one of creeping unease, as if Eric Andre decided to make a rock album.

On “Claudette”, Blak’s vocal style unexpectedly morphs from “Patrick Star hollering into septic tank” to “Jim Morrison after cerebral aneurism” as he recounts the tale of the titular, painfully fictional femme fatale over stiltedly artificial accordion backing. “Remember That Night” sees him try his hand at country, complete with wheezing harmonica and comical bass vocals. On “I’ve Got a Boyfriend”, the music startlingly transforms into ‘90s Euro-House, right down to the sampled female soul vocals, as if Big Dik Blak is repeatedly pressing the “Sound Effect” button on a keyboard from 2005. He delicately states his political goals on “World Peace and Free Love”.

The album is perhaps best encapsulated in the gruff Barry-White-read-by-Nicolas-Cage ramblings of closer “Butterfly”, which truly must be heard to be believed, but for which text does reasonable justice: “Sweet makin’ love all night long… oh yaaah… you know what I mean… you look at me with those big brown eyes… you say “Oh daddy, can I come again?”… I say, “Well, I’m pretty tired [throaty laughter] but I think you can… I know… you’re so niiice… you’re so lovely… such a loving woman… I want you so bad, all night long…” At this point, the album has transcended simply being bad. It has even transcended parody. We now exist on another plain of post-ironic sincerity. For this reason it would feel untoward to offer it a conventional ranking. It is years ahead of us all. CO  -  N/A


Roughly Recommended - Top New Music From Around the World


The Wit and Wisdom of George Swan


We’re not sure what’s more intriguing about George Swan: that his press release tells us he was ‘born in an unspecified swamp and raised by alligators’ or that his musical pseudonym is Big Dik Blak. Either way, we figured his lyrics might offer a hot take or two on those big life-shaped obstacles we’ve all encountered at some point or another. Without further ado, here’s an introduction to George Swan via some questionably advice.


George Swan – Claudette


He started out wanting to rule the world - He found out it was a little too large - So he thought, let’s just rule a really small part of it - Maybe start with this garage


What we learned: Donald Trump should’ve just pottered around in his garage.


George Swan – Connector’s In Your Mind


She’s a highway girl  - She’s a highway muffin inside


What we learned: You really don’t know what’s going on inside a woman.


George Swan – Danger Zone


I got the blues so bad - My baby gone and left me for good - She took all of my money - Just like I knew she would


What we learned: Trust your instincts- women can be golddiggers.


George Swan – I’ve Got A Boyfriend


I’m Bruce’s wife she said to me - Nice to meet you - As she walked past it occurred to me - I don’t know any Bruces!


What we learned: Don’t believe everything they tell you. No-one is called Bruce anymore.


George Swan – Jellyfish


You said you got stung by one once before - The first time you saw one by the shore - The burn was so bad it made you cry - The vinegar helped, it made you smell like a cute little French Fry


What we learned: vinegar is an antidote for jellyfish stings and also a pheromone to some men (esp. George Swan).


George Swan – Morgue in E Minor


And as I stand there laughing molars falling from my mouth - They somehow sense my displeasure


What we learned: Dentists won’t be sympathetic if you haven’t looked after those pearly whites.


George Swan – No Past


Walk softly to the car - Pull it out of gear - It rolls slowly down the hill  - I start it 200 yards away


What we learned: It’s important to put the handbrake on when you hill park.


George Swan – Sunset on Double Time


Where the river meets the ocean, - Where the ocean meets the sky - Where the fish journey ten thousand miles, - Then return to die, then return to die


What we learned: behind every Instagrammed sunset, there’s a lethal fish pilgrimage.


George Swan – Butterfly


I’m very tired, kinda sleepy - Oh yeah, you know what I’m talkin about - I need to drink about 10 cups of coffee just to wake up - So I can get back to you girl - So we making love all night long


What we learned: 10 cups of coffee is the optimum amount for love making.


Follow George Swan:




Horrorpedia   Feature        Click here

Ogopogo – mythical creature - HORRORPEDIA  14,076,147 hits Oct14-18 - 14 Million + Hits Now

Quote:  We have received the following ‘information’ relating to the Ogopogo, which seems more like a blatantly tongue-in-cheek plug for Big Dik Blak’s latest musical endeavours. Anyway, the sheer effrontery of the approach compelled us to add it here. Make of it what you will:


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Rock Star Lures Canadian Nessie from Depths of Lake!




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Canada's Great Musical Outsider, Big Dik Blak, Issues Double Salvo! it’s swamp rock with a nourishing diet of beer and wild salmon.



New Music Platform    Feature  Click here

g Swan (aka Big Dik Blak)

George Swan may ruffle some feathers with his unpalatable nickname, but you can’t fault his prolific output when it comes to music. The Canadian-residing artist has released three albums (and counting) for your delectation. Drawing inspiration from his upbringing in an unspecified swamp in the depths of British Columbia, some may call BDB’s sound ‘swamp rock’. Song titles like ‘Smelly Fish’ and ‘Tales from Wreck Dreck’ tell you all you need to know about his music. It’s the heavy, fuzzy, and wigged-out stuff of the 1970s- not so much Deep Purple as hoovering up the leftover brown acid from Woodstock though we should add. Dig into the three albums and you’re almost definitely going to be surprised with what you find…


For The Fans Of  Feature  Click here

George Swan took this as an opportunity to go solo and be known as BDB (Big Dik Blak). BDB isn’t for the faint-hearted, the multi-instrumentalist brings his passion to swamp rock. He takes a more psychedelic approach transporting you to an astral plane of emotion. BDB is an enigma to music as he’ll have you in a trance with EDM hit ‘I have a Boyfriend’ taken from Tales from Wreck Deck to welling up with emotion on the keyboard-fuelled ‘Smelly Fish’ from ‘The Truth is Hard’.


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George Swan – The One-Man Music Factory Discloses What Makes Him Tick _ SONIC NEWS



Sonic News             Under the Covers          Click here

and what more could you want from life than time spent with George Swan under the covers? - As we suspected, George’s choices for his dream album of cover songs is bursting at the seams with vintage riffs and utterly unique storytelling, much like his own musical world. God bless him.


Teetotal Guitar       Interview        Click here

An Interview With The One, The Only…Hard Rocker George Swan! – Tee-Total Guitar


Look and listen music blog   Under the covers/interview                 Click here

Having walked this earth in the times where AC/DC’s ‘Back in Black’ had just been released, and great bands like Pink Floyd and Deep Purple were touring on the regular, must have been quite a special time. And that is a time that hard rocker George Swan draws inspiration from, especially when it comes to his recently releases.


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The Rash-I Will Not Move                               829982-184764     DPP-0015  

The Rash-Midnight Pain Train                       829982-184757     DPP-0016

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