About Big Dik...

Big Dik Blak was born in Vancouver and raised in Richmond BC…  - When he was 18 he moved to Steveston BC, where he eventually got a job working on the docks unloading fishing boats.  At that time Steveston had a vibrant live music scene.  Young Big Dik discovered his vocal skills and rediscovered his keyboard skills.  He bought a synthesizer, a Hammond C3 and a PA, and spent long nights jamming with his friends in many bands.

While working on the docks in Steveston, he met the players that would form his first band “The Rash”.  Playing mostly original material, they played for 11 years and released an album, “The Rash - The Rash” before breaking up in 1997.

Coincidentally in 1997 the Canadian West Coast Fishing Industry also collapsed from years of overfishing.  The big corporate seine boats had caught everything in sight, wiping out 97% of the salmon and herring.  Meanwhile the big corporate dragger boats did the same thing to the groundfish (cod and rockfish etc.), leaving nothing from what used to be a kind of fisherman’s paradise in British Columbia.  The town of Steveston collapsed as well, after being an economic powerhouse for over 100 years, and most people were forced to leave.  Big Dik and the band lost their ever important day jobs as a result...

Undaunted, Big Dik and the remaining members of The Rash formed Patsy Decline in 1997 out of the remnants of The Rash and another Richmond band, “Pagan” aka - “UAV-Urban Assault Vehicle. Big Dik, JD, and Patty D from The Rash, joined with Bass Player “T Seas (Cowpie)” and Guitar Player “Mickey G” from UAV, for the new band. They immediately started playing out and soon became the house band at Valhalla, a boozecan on the edge of the Fraser River.  In 1998 after one year together Mickey G quit the band to pursue a solo career with his new band “The Handsome Devils”. The remaining members of Patsy Decline quickly brought back Peter C, the bass player from The Rash, T Seas (Cowpie) switched to guitar, and the latest version of the band was set to go.

They remained together until 2007 when they finally split up for the last time.  The band remains close to this day (2020) and everyone stays in touch.

Legend has it that one night Big Dik lost consciousness while playing the keyboard solo for “Highway Star”.  He woke up 4 years later in Norway, working as a roadie for the Norwegian Death Metal Band “Dëth Glöttenn”By the time he found his way back to Valhalla it was too late, Patsy Decline had split up…  He decided to go solo and has been playing ever since...

St Patricks’ Day at Valhalla

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Big Dik’s Final Hwy Star Solo before Dëth Glöttenn!

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Album UPC’s + Catalogue Numbers

Title:                                                          UPC        DP Cat#


Big Dik Blak-Live At Valhalla                        829982-158048    DPP-0007

Big Dik Blak-The Truth Is Hard                     829982-172464     DPP-0008

Big Dik Blak-Tales From Wreck Deck         829982-175113     DPP-0009

Big Dik Blak-Big Dik Covers                         8299982-204783   DPP-0021

Patsy Decline-Live At The Queens              829982-177476     DPP-0011

Patsy Decline-Double Live At Valhalla        829982-180643     DPP-0012

Patsy Decline-More Live At Valhalla            829982-203205     DPP-0019

Patsy Decline-Never Said I Love You         829982-202024     DPP-0020

PD-Triple New Years Live at Valhalla          829982-205476    DPP-0022

PD-Triple St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla - UPC is Coming   DPP-0023

PD-More St Patricks Day Live At Valhalla - UPC is Coming    DPP-0024

The Rash-The Rash                                        829982-175779     DPP-0010

The Rash-At The End of The Line                 829982-182869     DPP-0013

The Rash-Deceived Me                                   829982-182876     DPP-0014

The Rash-I Will Not Move                               829982-184764     DPP-0015  

The Rash-Midnight Pain Train                       829982-184757     DPP-0016

The Rash-Don’t Hog The Covers                   829982-185860     DPP-0017   

The Rash-Hold My Covers                              829982-185877     DPP-0018

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