Big Dik’s Pearls of Wisdom as he Tries to Help Canada and the World ...


Big Dik noticed the other day that he has somehow got past the age of 22 (Physically…)  He has learned some valuable Big Dik lessons in life and wants to pass them on here on the Big Dik website.  Kind of a Big Dik public service message…

You know Big Dik was a Boy Scout back in the day… (another long story...)  There wasn’t quite enough girls in the Boy Scouts to keep Young Big Dik happy, but he did learn some valuable lessons which he believes still apply today.  Respect yourself and each other.  Help other people whenever possible.  Clean up your campsite and leave it better then when you got there.  Help the younger scouts learn the ropes.  Always stand up to the bullies and don’t be one yourself.  Learn from your mistakes and help people avoid making the same mistakes.  You can face anything head on as long as you know the truth, no matter how bad the truth is. 

Being Canadian, Big Dik has noticed that lately things in Canada have gotten a lot worse.  Which surprises Big Dik because things were never that great in Canada, but there was hope back in the day that Canada was a place where people took care of each other.  That things were going to get steadily better.  Nobody had dental yet but it was coming soon you know? Now dental is harder to get and in BC they’ve started to force you to pay monthly medical premiums… (Is that legal??.. No.)  This is part of what Big Dik calls “Hyper Greed”.  They want to charge for everything from air at the gas station, to water by the litre, to your house.  Canada is about two thirds water but if you’re poor you could die of thirst.  Big Dik doesn’t like that, people have to share everything.  Let’s get Canada to the point where everyone has a chance of a good life instead of being used as a bunch of suckers who’ll pay high prices for anything like air, water, gas, beer, pills, food…  the list never ends….  Start with free clean air and free clean water no matter what, then bring down the price of everything after that.

Big Dik wants Canadians to strive to make things better all the time, don’t let them get worse constantly.  For example Canada's health care and education, don’t let the highlights of Canadian health care to have been in the 60’s.  Back then it wasn’t that great.  Big Dik says one good thing at that time was the drug companies had far shorter patent protection on their pills.  So regular people could share in medical breakthroughs sooner without being fleeced.  That all changed, now Canadian drugs are among the most expensive in the world.  We need to take the power away from the drug companies and give it back to the people.  Get to the point where great breakthroughs in medicine and pharmaceuticals are free for everyone no matter how much money they have.  Make it so that’s what the system is built on, strives for and encourages on every level.  Make a big deal out of people who solve medical problems or diseases, instead of celebrating $10,000 pills that get more expensive each year…  Also stop gouging people for parking at the hospitals and remember hospitals don’t need CEO’s, they need as many workers as possible who actually are in touch with what’s going on downstairs...

Big Dik says education should be the same way, it should be totally free no matter what someone wants to take.  Don’t make money off some poor kids misery by saddling them with huge debts for life.  Respect students and encourage them.  There is so much wasted potential in Canada (and around the world) because nobody can afford to go to school anymore.  Think about the possibilities if everyone was as educated as possible, how that could solve so many problems.  Big Dik wants Canada to be a shining beacon of progressive policies, instead of a place where people are both repressed, and increasingly gouged, for any kind of education.

Big Dik saw the Hyper Greed firsthand back in the day in the fishing industry.  As the fish stocks were collapsing, the fisherman and the big companies could all see what was happening.  For about 7 years prior the fishermen were telling Big Dik that the big seine boats and dragger boats were too effective and the fishermen were starting to catch less and less each year.  The Seine nets catch every fish because they are so big and deep.  There is no escape for entire schools of fish.  Combined with improved Sonar for spotting fish, they were unstoppable.  Same with the big Dragger nets, they caught everything in their path too.  Everyone knew all types of fish in BC were in trouble, but the big companies kept pushing harder and harder until they were finally forced to stop fishing when they had really run out. 

Meanwhile the same companies had started these fish farms and were raising Atlantic salmon in the Pacific Ocean on the coast of BC, some of which eventually got loose and ended up going up the streams to spawn.  Big Dik says “You can’t farm any kind of fish, and you don’t have to if you take care of what’s around.  A wild Pacific salmon is a spectacular food experience that some crappy farmed Atlantic salmon can’t touch.  Putting all the Pacific salmon and basically all the fish in the Pacific at risk, just so someone from Norway or Japan, or back east, or down south, can make a fuckload of money is wrong.”  Big Dik knows those guys don’t have a clue what they are doing. He was there, and when some disease wipes everything out including their crappy farmed fish, those companies will be long gone.  Let’s get rid of those fish farms while there’s still time... Fish farms are banned in Alaska for a reason!!

Sept 2015 Update - Well Big Dik called it and there you go he was right…  The fish farms have started spreading not one but actually three diseases to the local BC Wild Pacific Salmon.  Watch the video “Salmon Confidential” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FU0iuSnAM3M&feature=youtu.be to see what’s really going on in the BC fish farming Industry.  Watch the other Video “Fillet Oh Fish” here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgrFXN4d1Jc that describes what the background of the fish farming is.  Eg; where they get the dioxin laced eels that is the basis of their fish farm feed pellets, which they put together with poisonous stabilizers.  Later in the video you see them telling pregnant women in France not to eat any farmed Atlantic Salmon….  Sign the Petition Here https://www.change.org/p/restore-wild-salmon-ban-salmon-feedlots-in-bc to tell the Province of BC to get rid of those farms before it’s too late.  That petition has over 111,000 signatures on it, but the BC government is still trying to expand the fish farms...  View the independent marine biologist Alexandra Morton's Blog and website here at http://blog.alexandramorton.ca/ She is working hard to expose this story… Please help her any way you can, it’s actually worse then Big Dik thought.. Yikes!!

Sept 2017 Update - The Natives have started serving Eviction Notices on the fish farms.

Alexandra Morton Blog Quote: “The Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw, whose unceded traditional lands includes much of the Broughton Archipelago, have boarded two Japanese-owned fish farms and delivered eviction orders to remove their operations from unceded territories over the last six days.”


Members of the Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw were also shocked earlier this month when member Melissa Willie visited a Cermaq farm and opened the lid of a blue-coloured tote containing dead fish netted from the facility.  Both Willie and Morton identified what they said looked like several wild salmon and other native fish (possibly herring and eulachon-(Ooligans)) in the pile. Fish farms do not have a licence to feed or harvest wild fish.


Aha says Big Dik!!  He noticed the Ooligans had also started disappearing around 1997 but couldn’t figure out where they went.  They are now listed as endangered, probably also being poisoned by the Fish Farms.  Meanwhile how do you get around illegal viruses in yer farmed salmon “aka” yer food??  Make ‘em legal!


Alexandra Morton Quote Cont’d: “Why is the federal Minister of Fisheries, Dominic LeBlanc, fighting to make Norwegian viruses legal in BC waters? And when is someone in the BC Ministry of Agriculture going notice that the - who found what when is not adding up in defense of the federal minister’s highly compromised position. Farm salmon disease is a word game, bafflegab, a true mad-hatters tea party in the Ministry of Agriculture. How hard they fall depends on when they decide to save themselves instead of the Norwegians.”


Meanwhile two salmon farms in the Broughton Archipelago are now under occupation by First Nations. - Quote cont’d “The people occupying the salmon farms are enduring long days of the hiss and rattle of tons of (feed) pellets tumbling along the feeder tubes to each pen. It smells like dog food. People’s faces and lips are chapped, their eyes burning from this industrial dust. Many of the fish are lethargic, wasting away emaciated in the corners of the pens, their heads resting on the nets looking out. On windy days the farm undulates, and bucks. I cannot step on a farm as Marine Harvest is suing me for touching a farm with a teaspoon last year to collect a bird dropping, but I am viewing the hours of underwater footage shot by the people on the farms. Blisters, “terminator” fish missing parts of their faces, swollen gills, no tails, gaping sores, missing skin, tumours, deformed spines, jaws that won’t shut, balloon syndrome, volkswagons, and schools of wild herring trapped in this filth.  It’s a shop of horrors and the pathogens percolating out of these facilities are perhaps the greatest sustained industrial spill in the history of the BC coast.


Among the industrial salmon pumped into their (BD-The Musgamagw Dzawada’enuxw First Nation) waters, silver wisps of wild herring tumbled from the ship’s hold into the pen. These valuable fish had been sucked up at the smolt farm with the Atlantic salmon and transported to this site. How is this legal? The Viktoria Viking is not displaying any licence to fish or transport herring. This region has remained closed to herring fishing for three decades, because the population is so fragile and despite this protection they have failed to rebound. Hereditary chief George Quocksister Jr. has now boarded every salmon farm between Campbell River and Port Hardy and shot underwater footage. This industry is a herring fishery. There are whole herring in nets at nearly every farm. No one in BC is allowed to possess herring without a licence and yet thousands spewed from the hold of a vessel whose homeport is Roervik, Norway. So many things are not right here. What is the deal?


“Yikes!!” says Big Dik. “Yep the farm fish were deformed like that back in the day”, the early 1990’s when BD first saw ‘em.  And now with Herring too!  “Makes sense” says BD, “probably bycatch for those guys, but endangered fish for sure”.  Herring are not supposed to be fished anywhere on the Coast of BC.  The Herring collapsed in the 90’s from years of Overfishing with the big Seine and Gillnets.  With the Commercial Herring Roe (Eggs) fishery, the reality is they only want female fish with eggs.  The rest of the Herring are considered bycatch there too, and are wasted by being reduced to Fish-Meal or thrown away.  So they catch 8 Herring and only use part of 1, the female herring’s eggs...  So out of 10,000 fish they would, and still do, waste over 8,500 fish. 


Alexandra Morton Quote Cont’d: “The Kwakiutl have also taken legal action against Omega (now Pan Fish), a fish farm company owned by the Norwegian mega corporation Cermaq, which has polluted Kwakiutl waters with its industrial operations at Hardy Bay and refused to provide compensation.

Scandinavians like to think of themselves as leaders in human rights, yet the Norwegians take part in the ruining of the wild salmon stocks on which the indigenous peoples of BC depend. Why is Canada not protecting them from the plundering of international resource corporations? It is left to First Nations themselves to stand up to the monster Goliath of greed and government - big business corruption.”


It is time to be fearless, to step between the living world and an economy that can only thrive on death of life as we know it. There is a madness upon us that cannot tolerate anything that is not corporately owned. Wild salmon threaten salmon farms. The abundant salmon runs in Alaska are considered a “shock” to the farm salmon market. The salmon farmers blame healthy wild salmon for sea lice, they cannot operate among healthy wild salmon runs. The herring that are essential to the BC coast are treated as if they belong to Norway, when in fact the Norwegians don’t even own the farm salmon in the pens as that would be a violation of Canadian law.


“Marine Harvest, Cermaq, Grieg – this gig is over, it is time for you gather your things and leave. You have done incalculable damage here, you dishonour your home country, this is now a human rights issue, as well as, devastating abuse of the already dying oceans of our planet. Get out and let us get to work healing what you have done to this part of the world that all of our children will share.”  - BD Says “Couldn’t have said it better myself..” Yikes.


Meanwhile it gets worse!! - A Fish farms containment net failed, and up to 305,000 Atlantic Salmon escaped into the Georgia Straight!! Correctly named The Salish Sea this happened just South of the Fraser River Mouth, in Puget Sound, USA.  Canadian-based company Cooke Aquaculture, which runs the fish farm near Cypress Island, said the net pen break was due to unusually high tides related to the approaching solar eclipse.  This is exactly what BD said would happen… Yikes!


John Volpe, a professor in the School of Environmental Studies at the University of Victoria, said the salmon spill was not a surprise and that the company should have been prepared for something as predictable as shifting tides.  He said a spill of this magnitude is likely to result in Atlantic salmon in B.C. ocean waters and rivers — which poses many risks. Cypress Island is one of the eastern San Juan Islands, across the Salish Sea from Victoria and the Saanich Peninsula.


“The obvious risk with escape events like this is the potential for colonization,” said Volpe, who has helped author studies on the biosecurity risks of fish farms. This could lead to competition with native species for food and habitat.  “Then there’s sea lice and viruses — which are the biggest issues of the day. But virtually nothing has been done to solve any of them.”


People should be wary of eating the salmon without confirmation they are fit for human consumption, Volpe said.  “Atlantic salmon are more prone to disease than Pacific salmon,” he said. “I’d chuck ’em or use them for crab bait.”


There you go!!  It’s like BD said in our September 2015 update, except worse in every possible way!!  Time to ban these farms, and those fish for good! 

Big Dik says “Always check the label or the menu and don’t buy or eat any farmed fish… period… insist on wild fish only.  Catch them yourselves or buy them from the natives. 


2019 and 2018 Overfishing Update: - Things have gotten worse now the Southern Coast Killer whales face extinction.  There is now less than 74 killer whales left, they are starving to death.  Because Killer whales feed on Chinook Salmon (aka Tyees or Springs) they have less to eat because the sports fisheries target the Chinook salmon, because they’re so big.  The big nets catch these things too, so they’re being overfished from there as well.  They need a complete closure on everything so the killer whales and everything can make a comeback. 

Imagine how that can be possible when BC used to have so much fish of all kinds.  What a huge tragedy.  Overfishing, the upstream dams, and the fish farms have all taken their toll.  It’s time to clean up the water, ban the nets, take down the dams, leave everything alone and hopefully let it all recover. 

2017 Overfishing Update: - Tracking the number of salmon coming back to BC’s rivers and streams is an essential part of the federal government’s salmon management responsibilities. DFO’s (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) monitoring efforts hit an all-time low in 2016. A recent report for DFO and the Pacific Salmon Foundation, “Review of Salmon Escapement Indicator Streams for the North and Central Coast,” states that 37 important ‘indicator’ streams are no longer monitored. The situation is of special concern for coho, where 30 indicator streams have been removed from the list of key indicator streams. 


BD Note: Back in the day the DFO was heavily influenced by Industry, having people in Executive Positions work for the Fishing Companies and Vice Versa.  Same holds true today, basically a Rubber stamping arm of those companies who now run the DFO from within.  Result?  40 Years of mismanagement and overfishing with BD experience alone, probably a lot longer.  Another reason to get rid of the DFO, ban Commercial Fishing and the Commercial Nets.  Let the Natives control the Fishing in their unceded territories.  They never overfished


The North Coast charter patrol budget has seen similar cuts in resources. These are the people, on DFO contract, who augment DFO’s management and enforcement presence on the fishing grounds: monitoring fisheries and counting spawning fish. The importance of these dedicated people is underlined by the fact DFO’s presence on the North Coast has been reduced from 6 vessels in 1994, to 1/3 of a vessel in 2015. - BD Knows that’s never good news when your on the water!!  Yikes.


Charter Patrolmen are now DFO’s ‘eyes and ears’ on the salmon grounds, but the number of charter patrolmen has also been cut. There are now only four charter patrolmen covering BC’s North Coast, an area stretching from the Alaskan border to Cape Caution: home to hundreds of salmon streams and salmon populations.

Severe cuts were made to DFO’s stock assessment monitoring on BC’s South Coast as well. Numerous internal sources report DFO’s overall monitoring of Pacific salmon returns is the poorest it has been in their entire history.


Quote: Fraser River sockeye - The 2016 sockeye return was the worst in history. The Pacific Salmon Commission forecasted a Fraser River sockeye return of 2.2 million, but only 630,000 can be accounted for in post-season escapement and catch. The total escapement, again the lowest recorded, was just under 500,000 sockeye.


Fraser River chinook returns in 2016 were very poor. None of the monitored populations met their escapement goals. This is a continuation of recent trends in poor abundance for stream-type chinook (those populations spending two years in freshwater before migrating to sea). Aside from First Nations harvests for food, social, and ceremonial purposes, the biggest harvester of Fraser River stream-type chinook salmon is the recreational sector.


DFO is hesitating in further restricting recreational catch. Meanwhile, it is recognized Fraser chinooks are a critical food source for endangered South Coast resident killer whales. (BD - Yikes!!)  The Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion will increase cumulative impacts on endangered killer whales.  Further, First Nation harvests, which are constitutionally protected and have first right of access after conservation, were severely curtailed. Difficult choices need to be made if Fraser chinooks are to be rebuilt in the face of these competing demands. DFO is engaged in two separate processes to address the issue, but has so far avoided making any changes to its management strategy. Three First Nations have taken DFO to court over this matter.


The Skeena watershed also saw a poor return of sockeye. According to harvest control rules, DFO should have allowed a commercial harvest rate of 4.8% given the estimated in-season run size of 1.2 million. Instead, the final commercial harvest rate was almost three times as high, at 13%. Some important wild sockeye runs did not get enough spawners back to achieve their minimum conservation thresholds.


BD says The Wolves are still running the henhouse, as usual, at the DFO!  Yikes!!  The Indians never overfished, the commercial guys continue to overfish 25 years after the collapse in the 1990’s.  Time to end the DFO, the Commercial Fishery, and ban the Nets!!!


Steelhead returns to the Thompson River again hit a record low. BD Note: Steelheads are a large sea going Trout, that return to rivers to spawn.  They can be around 20 lbs for big ones and are a huge Sport Fish. Very tasty as well!  Thompson River Steelhead were a major sport fishery back in the day.  Returns in 2015 were estimated to be 430 fish. The 2016 return is expected to be 380, both are well below the minimum conservation threshold.


Steelhead run timing overlaps with South Coast chum fisheries, which were intense in 2016 owing to the large chum return. Mixed stock fisheries, such as Johnstone Strait gillnet and seine, Nitinat gillnet and seine, and Fraser River gillnet and beach seine fisheries all intercept Thompson River steelhead.


Big Dik knows these Seine nets catch a lot of Steelhead that are never reported.  Like all the other fish too but that’s always been the problem with Seine nets, it catches everything in it’s path.  So things like Steelhead were taken home secretly and not reported!! The companies, DFO, and the Fisherman know this is going on..  BD guarantees this is still happening.  He thought because the Fisheries had collapsed they would never use Seine nets again, but obviously they still are with the same results.  The Steelhead have gone from being endangered back in 90’s to verging extinction in 2016!  380 Fish where there used to be thousands.  Thompson River Steelhead were a major sport fishery back in the day.  This makes it more important than ever to ban all nets and end the Commercial Fishery!  Like I said before the Indians never overfished.  They didn’t use big commercial nets.  We need to stop these guys before these Iconic fish become extinct, than they’ll be forced to stop just like back in the day.  Hard to believe that nobody got the message 25 years ago, or from any of the ongoing collapses.  Very Canadian, keep hammering the mistakes till there’s nothing left..  Yikes!



Remember, don’t catch more fish then you can eat, and leave some for everybody else.  Make it so that when people know that something bad is happening they are all forced to face it and act on it.  If the fisherman and Big Dik and the companies were forced to face the truth 7 years earlier, they could have saved a lot of jobs, and fish of all kinds.  One fisherman told Big Dik that he ran into a Norwegian fisherman who said when the companies brought in the big seine boats in Norway back in the day, (the 1940s?) they did the same thing there and overfished till the fisheries collapsed.  Seine Nets were banned in Canada until the 1930’s.  The Canadian companies knew that too, but kept adding more and more of these seine boats with their big nets to their fleets in the 1970’s and 80’s.  The companies also kept targeting the herring for their eggs as well with the big seine nets, and because everything eats herring, it killed all the other fish even quicker.  Then the BC fisheries collapsed.  The Message? Don’t target things like the fish’s eggs, unless they’re in the fish you catch.  Remember 300 eggs have a shot at making 300 fish... Big Dik says “If people know a technology like seine nets is no good, don’t think you can make it work somewhere else.”  Now’s the time to ban all net fishing, and limit the catches to what people can carry with them, no more than 3 fish each if they need them.  End the Commercial fishery too, and the DFO, they are way too irresponsible!


The Canadian federal government invested $26 million dollars into the Cohen Commission judicial inquiry into the 2009 collapse of BC’s iconic Fraser River sockeye. After hearing from close to 200 witnesses, including scientists renowned as experts in their field, Justice Bruce Cohen made 75 specific recommendations designed to ensure a future for wild salmon. While unable to point to a single ‘smoking gun’ as the sole reason for the stock crash, Cohen concluded that the potential harm posed to wild sockeye by open net-pen salmon farms is “serious or irreversible”. Justice Cohen’s final report was tabled in October, 2012. To date, the federal government has failed to respond publicly to, or commit to act on any of his recommendations.

While the Cohen Inquiry’s focus was on Fraser River sockeye, many of the recommendations apply equally across our country. The implementation of the Wild Salmon Policy, for instance, will benefit wild salmon everywhere in Canada.


Now is the time to learn from everyone’s mistakes, and clean up the campsite.  Don’t try to be a billionaire with the natural resources.  They always get stripped and then when there gone, people go “Gee we kinda miss that nice fish, or that nice forest.  Now all we have to eat are these crappy overpriced hamburgers and these stupid parking lots.”  Only the Weston’s and the Pattison’s have any money left, that they hide offshore!! ; ) and everyone has lost their jobs.  Things like fishing supported entire cities when people could only catch a few at a time.  Everything is interconnected.  We have to get back to that quick, or the same nightmare will keep coming back. 


Big Dik can still see the Hyper Greed today in the way they grind up trees in Canada, to burn as fuel, or to throw in the dump as giant paper garbage bags..  What an incredible waste!!  The reason everyone stopped using paper bags in the 1970’s was because they ran out of forest back in the day.  Now the paper bags are back but they are 20 times bigger! - Big Dik says “You have to add some value to things or your going to get fucked just like in the fishing industry.  When it’s gone, it’s gone.  Leave the trees in the forest so we don’t waste them, and figure out how to use a lot less of them.  Big Dik sees the log booms in the Fraser River are being made up of smaller and smaller logs all the time.  They are cutting so many young trees now in BC, that they used to leave for at least another 40 years or so.”  The Big Dik lesson there is don’t waste things like the forest either, you will run out and then everyone’s fucked for that as well.


Lets look ahead 7 generations to see what everyone's grandchildren and great grandchildren will be living like.  The problem of Canada always allowing and promoting child abuse is that nobody respects kids or helps them as their growing.  This is why the number 2 cause of death of young people in Canada is from suicide.  Why isn’t that the number one story in the news for years??  Why aren’t we working on that nonstop and sparing no expense to stop that from happening, instead of ignoring it or sweeping under the carpet??  Let’s dig down for the answer to that one…  Make Canada a place where everyone has a shot at a free education and a good life when they’re finished.  Study other cultures and societies to see how they raise children without violence and abuse.  Find out about societies without prisons or huge police forces and copy them.


Big Dik’s says “Your responsible for what you do, so if your acting badly, choose to change.  Don’t keep on beating on people or things..  If everyone does that we can end the cycle of violence that a lot of people have been stuck in, and suffered from for years.  Find out what your problem is and fix it…  Everyone can be happy if they choose to, and Big Dik can tell you being happy is a lot more fun than being unhappy!  This is where the free love can really help.  ; )


Respect your self first, then respect all the other people, all the other creatures, and the planet.  Like the natives say “Now’s the time to take care of our mother the earth.  She’s getting a little older and needs help...  Stop stripping her and clean her up...”  Be like the old Boy Scouts and leave her better than when you found her.  Then find out what every one can do themselves to clean up the air, the water, and the land nearby to them, and start doing it.  Join a lobby group to end Commercial Fishing, Banning Seine/Gill Nets and Fish Farms!!  Email the Canadian Federal Government about the Commercial Overfishing, DFO collusion and banning Fish Farms too.  Start using reusable containers, pick up the garbage around you, especially at the beach or lake!  Start buying locally, get rid of that diesel or second car.  Get an electric car, van, or truck!!  Ride bikes or walk to work, we need to shrink our footprints fast...  Plant some trees or help restore the forest.  Get outside with your friends everyone and let’s fix this mess before it’s too late.  Remember, we can make the future we want, but we have to choose it and start to live it, right now.













Big Dik



PS - Big Dik says “You kids never get involved in wars again either, no matter what!!”


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